Comparison of glucosuria in the first- and second-voided specimens and the time of day as tested by four commercial testing products



The questions addressed in this study were whether testing first- and second-voided urine specimens yielded different results and whether selected commercial testing products (Clinitest 2 drop, Clinitest 5 drop, Tes-Tape, and Keto-Diastix) yielded similar estimates of glucosuria. Twenty adult diabetics experiencing glucosuria served as subjects. First- and second-voided specimens were collected before meals and before retiring. Data were analyzed using a three-way ANOVA with repeated measures on all factors. The findings indicated significant main effects for product type, F (3,57) = 7.61, p = .0004, and time of day, F (3,57) = 8.60, p = .0002. The main effect for first- and second-voided specimens did not approach significance.