Professional socialization to a research role: Interest in research among graduate students in nursing


  • Donna R. Brogan

    1. Dr. Donna R. Brogan is Professor in the Department of Statistics and Biometry at Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia.
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This study was conducted to determine whether graduate coursework in research methods and statistics resulted in socializing graduate students in nursing into a research role. Two cohorts, each of about 60 female graduate students in nursing, completed self-administered questionnaires at three different times during their 6 month coursework in research methods and statistics. Subjects indicated significantly more interest in research methods than in statistics (p < .01), although they rated statistics as valuable to nursing. At the beginning of graduate work, subjects with more work experience in nursing were significantly more interested (p < .05) in conducting research. Graduate coursework in research methods and statistics produced no significant change in students' interest in doing research in their future nursing careers.