Nurses with Doctoral Degrees: Education and Employment Characteristics


  • Because of the timeliness and importance of this study, this report was advanced in the order of publication.


Selected education and employment characteristics of nurses with doctorates were examined. Data were obtained in late 1979 and 1980 about three time periods in the 1,964 respondents' careers: (a) doctoral study, (b) first position, and (c) current position if different from first position. Of the nurses studied, 76% completed doctoral programs in the 1970s. Education was the major field of study most frequently reported, followed by social/behavioral sciences and nursing; federal monies were the major source of financial support. Nurses with doctorates were hired in their first position primarily for teaching in baccalaureate and higher degree programs in nursing with a sizable shift to administrative roles in academia among those reporting current positions different from first positions. Only 6% to 8% of doctorally prepared nurses were hired primarily for the conduct of research in either first or current position.