The purpose of this study was to assess the satisfaction with care of hemodialysis patients, and to explore the relationships between satisfaction with care, quality of life, and background variables. The sample (n = 416) was randomly selected from the adult, in unit hemodialysis patient population of a north central state. Overall, patients were satisfied with their care (M = 5.04, range = 1 to 6). An ANOVA demonstrated that patients were most satisfied with physician related aspects of care, followed by nursing/dialysis treatment aspects, and least satisfied with financial/transportation aspects (F(2,830) = 28.44, p < 0.0001). Overall satisfaction with care was most highly correlated with satisfaction with medical (r = 0.74) and nursing care (r = 0.74). Satisfaction with care was moderately correlated with quality of life (r = 0.42) and satisfaction with health and functioning (r = 0.42). Somewhat weaker relationships were found between satisfaction with care and socioeconomic aspects of life (r = 0.31), psychological/spiritual aspects (r = 0.32), and family (r = 0.27). Patients who had been on dialysis for a shorter length of time or who had less education were more satisfied with care.