Evaluating hospital postnatal nursing care: Development of the instruments


  • Nancy E. Watters,

    Corresponding author
    1. Clinical teacher of family and child nursing at the University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and principal researcher for evaluative studies of combined mother-infant care nursing at the Ottawa General and Kingston General hospitals
    • 150 Glen Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 3A2. For a copy of the research instruments and blueprints send a stamped self-addressed 8½-×-11-inch envelope and $5.00
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  • Connie M. Kristiansen

    1. An associate professor of psychology at Carleton University, Ottawa.
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Measures of the quality of hospital postnatal nursing care were developed for an evaluative study of the benefits of combined mother-infant versus traditional separate staffing patterns. Two hundred mothers completed instruments designed to measure maternal competence, patient satisfaction, establishment of breastfeeding in hospital and breast-feeding success at 6 weeks, and 28 nursing staff completed measures of staff satisfaction. The internal consistency and test-retest reliability of scales were supported by alpha coefficients of .60 to .89 and correlation coefficients of .74 to .80. A 90% participation rate and a 97% completion rate were achieved for the maternal sample. Evidence is presented for instrument content, construct, and predictive validity.