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Towards fund-raising excellence in museums—linking governance with performance


Diana Betzler, School of Management and Law, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Centre for Arts Management, Stadthausstrasse 14, Winterthur 8400, Switzerland.



  • This paper presents an empirical analysis of the relationship between fund-raising governance characteristics and fund-raising performance in a sample of 98 Swiss museums. We propose a governance model that reflects the developmental level of an organization's fund-raising in regard to success. Inspired by research on business excellence, the proposed model extends the primarily qualitative and theory-based concepts of dynamic organization life-cycle models, which are found in nonprofit research, by taking a quantitative approach. We explore five fund-raising governance factors: boards' fund-raising activity, board as symbolic decision maker, board as donor, fund-raising strategic planning and controlling, and fund-raising techniques. Museums are classified into fund-raising governance levels: ‘zero’, ‘awareness’, ‘composition’ and ‘integration’. The model is shown to be linked with fund-raising income.

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