Charity Technology Trust: a case study


  • Peter Sweatman

    Corresponding author
    1. CTT Raffles Ltd, 2nd Floor, The Tower Building, 11 York Road, London SE1 7NX, UK
    • CTT Raffles Ltd, 2nd Floor, The Tower Building, 11 York Road, London SE1 7NX, UK
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    • Peter Sweatmanformed Charity Technology Trust (CTT) ‘Established to improve charities' efficiency by the effective use of technology’ to bring together key players in the charity, business and technology arenas. He is CEO of CTT's operating subsidiaries CTT Raffles, helping 25 charities use fun microsites to raise new money from their existing websites; and CTT Communications, a digital messaging initiative working with 15 charities on e-mail-based promotions, also providing CTT Solutions: CRM and ICT solutions to charities resourced by netdecisions. Peter holds an MA in Engineering from Cambridge University and spent ten years working for JP Morgan in London and New York. He wrote successful business plans for CTT, New Philanthropy Capital As a founder investor in two online businesses, Peter is often asked to assess business cases and development plans.


Charity Technology Trust (CTT) is one of a new breed of philanthropic initiatives aimed at helping UK charities become more efficient by better use of technology. Its founder believes that charities are ideally placed to benefit from the reduced costs and shared benefits of jointly developed strategies and fundraising, communications and data management tools. CTT was formed to catalyse a move in this direction from the major UK fundraising charities and is supported by the personal philanthropic contributions of its trustees—a group of successful businessmen. The challenge for such a new organisation with a new idea is considerable, but after 18 months CTT is working with 27 of the top 100 UK charities on projects from online raffles through e-mail communications to IT strategy. Copyright © 2003 Henry Stewart Publications