Strategic stakeholder orientations and performance consequences—a case of private nonprofit performing arts in the US


  • Jasper Hsieh

    Corresponding author
    1. Graduate program in Aesthetics and Arts Management, Nanhua University, Chiayi, Taiwan
    • Graduate program in Aesthetics and Arts Management Nanhua University, 32 Chungkeng, Dalin, Chiayi, Taiwan.
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  • This paper borrows a market orientation perspective in considering how organizations behave toward stakeholders and the implications on performance in the institutional performing arts environment. To investigate the relationship between stakeholder orientations and organizational performance, both interviews and a survey instrument were used. Using nonprofit performing arts organizations in three metropolitan areas of Northwestern US as a sample frame, primary data was collected from leading directors of these organizations. The results generally indicate a positive relationship between stakeholder orientation and organizational performance. Complex relationships between dimensions of stakeholder orientation and performance consequences were also observed.

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