• This study investigated differing emphasis cricket spectators place on key game experience variables. Spectators were classified based on membership, frequency of attendance and demographics. The mixed methods designs used a qualitative strand, which identified four key game experience variables; star players, quality of game, social facilitation and auditory and olfactory elements. The quantitative strand was used to empirically test these game experience variables. This survey of 584 cricket spectators identified auditory and olfactory elements, quality of game, and social facilitation as the three important game experience variables relevant to various cricket spectator segments. The findings revealed that women, members, older spectators and moderately frequent attendees placed greater emphasis on auditory and olfactory. Older spectators and members also placed greater emphasis on quality of game. It was also found that regardless of how frequently spectators attend games, they placed equal emphasis on social facilitation.

  • In this exploratory study, tentative light is shed on the largely unexplored subject of cricket spectator consumption experience. As such it helps provide practitioners in the industry as well as researchers with a better understanding of cricket spectators.

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