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  1. Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater: Estimating fertility from subadult skeletons Volume 21, Issue 6, 717–722, Article first published online: 15 June 2010

This research was sponsored by the American institute of Indian Studies, the George Franklin Dales Foundation, Fulbright IIE and the University of Oregon Graduate School.

The subadult fertility formula contains a typo. The correct formula is as follows:

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When this formula is applied to the skeletal populations from the Health in the Western Hemisphere project, Gross Reproductive Rate (GRR) estimates differed from those made using the Bocquet–Appel (1982) ratio on average by 0.98 offspring (range was 0 to 2.7). A revised version of Table 2 is provided. Calculations of GRR in rows 1 and 3 were corrected.

Table 2. Comparison of estimates of GRR from the perinatal fertility formula and Bocquet–Appel's ratio using 12 populations from the Health in the Western Hemisphere project (McCaa, 1998, 2002)

PopulationPerinatesSubadultsProportionGRR from 5–14D20+GRR from 0–1D2–19Minimum difference
0–1 year2–19 years0–1D2–19
ex = 20ex = 30ex = 40
Amelia Island20830.
Dickson mound H-G25560.4554.
Hawikku, NM40830.484.
Maitas, Bra.21550.384.
Scarborough, Eng.9370.
Tlatilco 4, Mexico12340.352.