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oa_2307_sm_figure S1.jpgJPEG image1672KThe Balearic Islands and the sites of (1) Son Matge, (2) Muertos Gallard, (3) Binigaus and (4) Sant Joan De Misa.
oa_2307_sm_figure S2.jpgJPEG image4446Klime burial site Abrigo de Son Matge (rock shelter), Valldemossa, Mallorca.
oa_2307_sm_figure S3.jpgJPEG image2570KLead plaque (DAMARC museum, Deià) from a necklace made at the Son Mas sanctuary (Waldren, 1995) site and found in the burial sites of Son Matge, Muertos Gallard and Cova de'n Alova (Enseñat Enseñat, 1975, type 1c).
oa_2307_sm_figure S4.jpgJPEG image2998KPig shank inhumation test: bone after 18 months in quicklime.

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