Figure S1. The surface and the section of Pit G11 after excavating half of the pit. Each bar marks 20 cm

Figure S2. The distribution of marks of various taphonomic agents on the avian remains from Pits G7, G11, G30 and M37. Y-axis: NISP.

Figure S3. Gnawing marks on goose humeri from Pit G11.

Figure S4. Size variation in domestic chicken from Pits G7, G11, G30 and M37.

Table S1. Distribution of bird bones by species from Pits G7, G11, G30 and M37.

Table S2. The dimensions (mm) of avian bones from Pit G11 measured after Von den Driesch (1976).

Table S3. The distribution of age at death based on tooth development in cattle, sheep and goat, and pig from Pit G11.

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