The aim of this study was to evaluate the expression of RAS components and SIRTs enzymes in the adipose tissue of mice fed diets with different macronutrient composition.

Design and Methods

The body weight, food intake, and energy intake (kcal) were evaluated. Blood parameters (insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerance, total cholesterol, HDL-C triglyceride, and glucose levels) were also assessed. Real-time PCR was performed in epididymal adipose tissue samples to analyze the expression of renin, angiotensinogen (AGT), angiotensin-converting enzyme 1 and 2 (ACE and ACE2), and SIRTs 1-7. Male FVB/N mice were divided into 5 groups (N = 10 each) that were fed with experimental diets for 60 days. Test diets were divided into standard (ST), AIN-93M, high glucose (HG), high protein (HP) and high lipid (HL).


The main results showed that HL diet treatment induced reduction in HDL-C and triglyceride plasma levels; increased ACE (Ang II marker) expression and decreased ACE2 (Ang-[1-7] catalyzer) expression in adipose tissue; and also increased SIRT4 expression.


Diets with high lipid content induced a degenerative state associated with deregulation of adipose tissue enzymes expression.