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Weight reduction and maintenance with IQP-PV-101: A 12-week randomized controlled study with a 24-week open label period


  • Funding agencies: This research was supported by the InQpharm Group. This study was funded by InQpharm Group.

  • Disclosure: Barbara Grube, MD, was the principal investigator of the study. Wen-Fen Chong and Pee-Win Chong are employees of InQpharm Europe Ltd. and were involved in the study design, oversight, and the drafting of the manuscript. Linda Riede is an employee of analyze and realize ag and was the project manager for this trial.



The safety and efficacy of IQP-PV-101, a proprietary extract of Phaseolus vulgaris, on weight management in two phases was evaluated here. The weight loss (WL) phase was conducted over 12 weeks and the weight maintenance (WM) phase took 24 weeks.


In the double-blind WL phase, subjects were randomized to receive either IQP-PV-101 or placebo. All subjects adhered to a mildly hypocaloric diet. Body weight and other body composition parameters were measured at baseline and every 4 weeks thereafter.

During the single arm, open label WM trial, energy intake was ad libitum. Efficacy parameters were measured at baseline, week 12 and week 24.


At the end of the WL study, the IQP-PV-101 group lost a mean of 2.91 ± 2.63 kg in body weight compared with 0.92 ± 2.00 kg in the placebo group (P < 0.001). During the WM phase, 36 out of 49 subjects (73.5%) were able to maintain their weight, even without dietary restrictions.

No serious or related adverse events were reported over the combined period of 36 weeks.


Results indicate that IQP-PV-101 is safe and effective for weight loss and maintenance.