This Executive Summary is a condensed version of the Expert Panel Report that included the Systematic Evidence Review, Evidence Statements and Recommendations. The Executive Summary also includes a Treatment Algorithm to guide health care practitioners.

This Executive Summary has been published previously in an online format in November 2013 by all three participating organizations: The Obesity Society, The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology. The AHA and ACC followed up by publishing print versions of this Executive Summary. The Obesity Society has published a print version of the Executive Summary as part of its Full Report, the Guidelines (2013) for Overweight and Obesity in Adults.

This section, Part 2, the Executive Summary, is a condensed version of Part 3 which follows. This condensed version provides a description of the process involved with updating the obesity clinical guidelines. Each of five Critical Questions are defined and for each Critical Question, Evidence Statements and Recommendations are given. The Recommendations are graded by two systems. Finally, a Treatment Algorithm is provided to guide implementation by practitioners in the primary care setting.