• time-delay systems;
  • feedforward control;
  • dynamic integral quadratic constraints;
  • controller synthesis


This paper studies the design problem of a robust delay-dependent H ∞  feedforward controller design for a class of linear uncertain time-delay system having state and control delays when the system is subject to inline image-type disturbances. The proposed controller scheme involves two main controllers, which are static state-feedback and dynamic feedforward controllers. The state-feedback controller is used for stabilizing the delay and uncertainty-free system, whereas the feedforward controller performs disturbance attenuation. Dynamic type integral quadratic constraints (IQCs), which consist of frequency-dependent multipliers, have been introduced to represent the delays and parametric uncertainties in the system where the degree of the multiplier used in IQC representation is in an adjustable nature. This scheme allows the designer to obtain less conservative controllers with increasing precision. Sufficient delay-dependent criteria in terms of linear matrix inequalities are obtained such that the uncertain linear time-delay system is guaranteed to be globally, uniformly, asymptotically stable with a minimum disturbance attenuation level. Several numerical examples together with the simulation studies provided at the end illustrate the usefulness of the proposed design. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.