Array detection of mass spectra, a comparison with conventional detection methods


  • A. J. H. Boerboom

    1. Albrecht Dürerstraat 25″, 1077 LT Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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    • Former affiliation: FOM-Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics, 1098 SJ Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  • Plenary Lecture at the Ninth Informal Meeting on Mass Spectrometry at Padua, Italy, 22-24 April 1991.


Sensitivity, dynamic range, resolution, precision and response time of a channeltron electron multiplier array and of conventional detectors (Faraday cage, electron multiplier and photographic plate) are compared. The properties of the detection methods differ greatly and each method is superior in some aspect. Capabilities of channel plate detection and features of channel plate mass spectra are discussed.