• occupational therapy;
  • practice models;
  • research;
  • evidence-based practice


Evidence-based practice is an important step in the professional evolution of occupational therapy and also provides the means for state-of-the-art innovative clinical service for clients. An essential step in incorporating innovations and developments into clinical practice is through research utilization. Nine models of research utilization developed in the literature are reviewed and critiqued. These are: (1) the Conduct and Utilization of Research in Nursing (CURN) Project; (2) the Stetler-Marram Model; (3) the University of North Carolina Approach; (4) the Innovation Diffusion Process Model; (5) Killeen's Matrix of Research Activity; (6) the Iowa Model of Research In Practice; (7) the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education In Nursing Project; (8) the Nursing Child Assessment Satellite Training Project; and (9) the Linkage Model. Research utilization models provide a framework for collaboration and the necessary conditions for research utilization activities to be successful. Copyright © 1999 Whurr Publishers Ltd.