Anniversary retrospective, perspective and prospective of corporate public affairs: moving from the 2000+ PA Model toward Public Affairs 2.0


Dr Craig Fleisher, Aurora WDC, Madison, WI, USA.



The anniversary issue of the Journal of Public Affairs is an appropriate time to reflect on decades of developments in the public affairs field and to put ideas into perspective. In this article, I revisit the paper I wrote for the first edition of this journal in which I tried to describe the state of the art of US public affairs practice under the rubric of the 2000+ PA Model as it existed at the start of the last decade (2001–2010). Much of what was envisioned came to pass, although some elements in greater or lesser fashion will be described. I also provide some perspective on how the PA state of the art will unfold in the current decade (2011–2020), using a model I characterize as Public Affairs 2.0. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.