Green lobbying: is sustainability more than a new frame for old-style lobbying? A consultant's personal point of view


Peter Köppl, Mastermind Public Affairs Consulting GmbH 1090 Vienna, Austria.



Framing and spinning are vital to effective public affairs. This could be one out of several reasons why sustainability is being instrumented heavily for public affairs measures. Because in a broad but common understanding, all efforts of corporate social responsibility are a critical strategy to influence political decision making and the stakeholders' actions and reactions relevant to a company. In a populist understanding, sustainability is simply a good thing all together. And that is where politics comes in: many politician are trying to use “sustainability” to better sell their ideas to the media and the public. Therefore public affairs and lobbying have definitely gone greener to meet the politicians' expectations. Critics might say that this is about green washing or mainstreaming the basic concept of sustainability. But it is also true that by doing so, companies where able to bring this issue to a prominent spot on the politicians' agenda.