PaperX2013PA002522_Supporting_Information.pdfPDF document6500KThe auxiliary material contains a document with three text sections, three tables, six figures, and the supplementary references. It provides details on:the chronology of the various paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic records presented and discussed in the paper;the reproducibility of the new planktic foraminiferal Mg/Ca data from sediment cores MD96-2080 (36°19.2'S, 19°28.2'E, 2488 m water depth) and MD02-2588 (41°19.9'S, 25°49.7'E, 2907 m water depth);the uncertainties associated with the new δ18OSW data from sediment core MD96-2080 (36°19.2'S, 19°28.2'E, 2488 m water depth).
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