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RodriguezSanz et al._Fig S1_revised.pdfPDF document92KSedimentation rate at core MD02-2505 and calibration used to construct the age model for the early part of the record (Holocene) where radiocarbon measurements were not available. It is based on the data reported in Table S1. Grey shaded area corresponds to the 95% confident interval of the regression.
RodriguezSanz et al._Fig S2_revised.pdfPDF document2789KCalculation of the δ18OSW-IVC changes at MD02-2505. (a) G. ruber δ18OC. Panels (b) and (c) show the G. ruber SST and “probabilistic sea-level curve” [Standford et al., 2012] converted into mean-ocean δ18O changes applying a 0.008‰ increase per meter of sea level lowering [Schrag et al., 2002], respectively. They were used to correct for the temperature component of G. ruber δ18OC (a) and to generate the δ18OSW (d, grey). The δ18OSW was then corrected for the global ice volume component of the δ18OSW signal (c) and so to produce the δ18OSW-IVC at the SLB (d, blue).

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