Paranodal tumour in breast cancer: Extranodal extension versus vascular spread


  • Professor F. Hartveit

    Corresponding author
    1. Department of Pathology, The Gade Institute, The University, Bergen, Norway
    • Department of Pathology, N 5016 Haukeland Hospital, Bergen, Norway
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A detailed histological study of the axillary nodes from 98 breast carcinoma patients, in which 5 and 10 year follow-up data was available, has been undertaken. The presence of tumour cells in efferent vessels appears to be the only factor which is a marker of poor prognosis. Contrary to previous reports the direct infiltration of tumour cells through the nodal capsule into perinodal fat and connective tissue is of no prognostic significance. Distinction between site and type of tumour growth within nodes is thus essential for prognostic evaluation.