• Skeletal muscle;
  • rat;
  • necrosis;
  • regeneration;
  • lectins;
  • desmin;
  • bupivicaine


The processes of bupivicaine-induced necrosis and regeneration in rat skeletal muscle have been studied with a panel of biotinylated lectins and by immunohistochemical staining for desmin. The results indicate that the binding of lectins to the periphery of muscle fibres is not altered in necrotic and regenerating fibres at the light microscopic level although abnormal cytoplasmic staining by lectins occurs early in necrosis and is also present during regeneration. Desmin staining is lost at an early stage of necrosis and is present at an early stage of regeneration. Desmin staining in combination with morphometrical assessment of the rate of fusion and growth of regenerating fibres provides a powerful method for evaluating the processes of muscle regeneration in experimental situations.