• T-cell receptor;
  • peripheral T-cell lymphoma;
  • γ gene;
  • β gene;
  • δ gene;
  • Southern blot;
  • PCR gene rearrangement


The recombination events of the γ and β T-cell receptor (TCR) loci were analysed in a series of 39 peripheral T-cell lymphomas (PTCLs) in association with the expression of TCR chains. In TCR αβ PTCLs, 22/23 cases showed a γ-gene rearrangement while only 18/23 showed a concomitant β-gene rearrangement. The germline configuration of the β locus was found in angioimmunoblastic lymphadenopathy and lymphoepithelioid lymphomas. Three γδ PTCLs rearranged both γ and β genes. TCR silent PTCLs showed three different patterns of γ- and β-gene rearrangements. Three cases were in germline configuration for both loci; five cases had a rearranged γ and a germline β locus; and five cases had the two loci rearranged. Regarding the variable genes in the γ-rearranged alleles, members of the VγI subgroup were the most frequently presented (39/50), followed by VγII, VγIII, and VγIV (9/50, 1/50, and 1/50, respectively). Joining segment usage was as follows: J1 or J2 (32/50), JP1 or JP2 (17/50), and JP (1/50). Taken together, these data demonstrate that the γ locus is more frequently rearranged whatever the TCR expression. The γ-locus analysis provides a better diagnostic yield than the β locus in the study of PTCL clonality.