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path2297-PATH2297SuppFigs.docx257K Figure 1.Verification of subcellular fractions by anti-HSP90, a cytoplasmic marker; anti-prohibitin, a mitochondrial marker. Proteins isolated from the cytoplasm, the mitochondria and the nucleus of KAT5 and FRO cells reacted with the corresponding antibody for Western blot. The experiments were repeated three times on the three batch samples of each fraction.
path2297-PATH2297SuppFigs.docx257K Figure 2.Confirmation of the subcellular distribution of ER isoforms in KAT5 and FRO cells using DAPI. Cells were incubated with DAPI, fixed in 2% paraformaldehyde and treated with antibody against ERa, followed by incubation with rhodamine-conjugated secondary antibody and ERa was located in the nucleus. The experiment was repeated three times, using cells from independent cell cultures. DAPI staining: 1,4; ERa staining: 2,5; merged images:

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