path2845_suppinfofs1.pdf14559KSupporting Information: Figure S1. Antigen profile comparison between AP+ and AP− cells.
path2845_suppinfofs2.pdf14560KSupporting Information: Figure S2. Teratoma formation by MAB-iPSCs.
path2845_suppinfofs3.pdf14560KSupporting Information: Figure S3. f-iPSCs teratomas and myogenic potential of MAB-iPSCs.
path2845_suppinfofs4.pdf14560KSupporting Information: Figure S4. Transposon-based GFP+ MAB-iPSCs creation.
path2845_suppinfofs5.pdf14559KSupporting Information: Figure S5. qRT–PCR analyses on transfected MAB-iPSCs.
path2845_suppinfofs6.pdf14560KSupporting Information: Figure S6. Myogenic differentiation potential of f-iPSCs and MAB-iPSCs.
path2845_suppinfofs7.pdf14560KSupporting Information: Figure S7. Schematic table and representation of methylation comparison between MAB-iPSCs and f-iPSCs.
path2845_suppinfofs8.pdf14560KSupporting Information: Figure S8. Nanog/Myo5a expression in MAB-iPSCs and f-iPSCs.
path2845_suppinfofs9.pdf14559KSupporting Information: Figure S9. αsg protein level quantifications.
path2845_suppinfofs10.pdf14559KSupporting Information: Figure S10. GFP expression in filter organs of injected mice.
path2845_suppinfosm.doc48KSupporting Information: Supplementary methods
path2845_suppinfo.doc33KSupporting Information: Legends to Figure S1 to S10

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