path_2995_sm_supportinginformationTS1.xls68KSupporting Information: Table S1. List of IGV validated somatic single nucleotide variants identified in the oligodendroglioma exome discovery set.
path_2995_sm_supportinginformationTS2.xls43KSupporting Information: Table S2. List of PCR primers for focused Sanger sequencing of CIC, IDH1, and IDH2.
path_2995_sm_supportinginformationTS3.xls87KSupporting Information: Table S3. Summary of tumour diagnosis, 1p19q status, IDH1/2 status, and CIC mutational status.
path_2995_sm_supportinginformationFS1.jpg5248KSupporting Information: Figure S1. Next-generation sequencing analysis of loss of heterozygosity status and gene expression of oligodendroglioma.
path_2995_sm_supportinginformationFS2.jpg2257KSupporting Information: Figure S2. Mutational load of oligodendrogliomas in discovery set.
path_2995_sm_supportinginformationFS3.jpg4205KSupporting Information: Figure S3. Long-range PCR of the CIC gene for deep amplicon sequencing.
path_2995_sm_supportinginformationFS4.jpg1548KSupporting Information: Figure S4. Identification of previously unannotated exon 0 in human CIC.
path_2995_sm_supportinginformationFS5.jpg2904KSupporting Information: Figure S5. Analysis of CIC sequence homology across different species.
path_2995_sm_supportinginforLegFig-Tab.doc48KSupporting Information: Legends Figures S1 to S5 and Table S1 to S3.
path_2995_sm_supportinginformaSuppl.doc52KSupporting Information: Supplementary materials and methods.

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