path_3006_sm_supportinginforsuppl.doc71KSupporting Information: Supplementary materials and methods. Details of the methods used in the study.
path_3006_sm_supportinginforTS1.doc55KSupporting Information: Table S1. Detailed information about drugs used in the study.
path_3006_sm_supportinginforTS2.doc42KSupporting Information: Table S2. Primary antibodies used in western blot.
path_3006_sm_supportinginforTS3.doc31KSupporting Information: Table S3. Primary antibodies used in double label immunohistochemistry with VEGF antiserum.
path_3006_sm_supportinginforFS1.doc150KSupporting Information: Figure S1. Evaluation of LDH activity in normoxic and hypoxic explants.
path_3006_sm_supportinginforFS2.doc354KSupporting Information: Figure S2. Evaluation of VEGF content and release in normoxic and hypoxic explants.
path_3006_sm_supportinginforFS3.doc222KSupporting Information: Figure S3. Evaluation of the effect of different concentrations of octreotide on VEGF expression in hypoxic explants.
path_3006_sm_supportinginforFS4.doc1574KSupporting Information: Figure S4. Evaluation of the efficiency of siRNA transfection in hypoxic explants.
path_3006_sm_supportinginforFS5.doc415KSupporting Information: Figure S5. Evaluation of the effects of octreotide, cucurbitacin I, and YC-1 on VEGF content in hypoxic explants, and effect of octreotide, OSM, and DMOG on VEGF content in normoxic explants.
path_3006_sm_supportinginforFS6.doc305KSupporting Information: Figure S6. Evaluation of the effects of PTPI-1 and SHP-1-siRNA1 on VEGF content in octreotide-treated hypoxic explants.
path_3006_sm_supportinginforFS7.doc375KSupporting Information: Figure S7. Evaluation of the effect of AKBA on VEGF content in OSM- or DMOG-treated normoxic explants.
path_3006_sm_supportinginforFS8.doc2095KSupporting Information: Figure S8. Evaluation of the association of VEGF to cone photoreceptors, bipolar, and ganglion cells.

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