path_3008_sm_supportinginforFigS1.tif2202KSupporting Information: Figure S1. Depletion of endogenous STOML2 decreases migration and invasion of primary glioma cells (PGCs).
path_3008_sm_supportinginforFigS2.tif70KSupporting Information: Figure S2 Statistical significance of the difference between curves of STOML2 high-expressing and low-expressing patients was compared within subgroups of WHO grade II (left panel), WHO grade III (middle panel), and WHO grade IV (right panel).
path_3008_sm_supportinginforTS1.doc37KSupporting Information: Table S1. Clinicopathological characteristics of patient samples and expression of STOML2 in gliomas.
path_3008_sm_supportinginforSupp.doc34KSupporting Information: Supplementary materials and methods.
path_3008_sm_supportinginforFigCap.doc22KSupporting Information: Legends to Figure S1 to S2

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