path_3988_sm_supportinginformationsfs1.tif1626KSupporting Information: Figure S1. Influence of adenovirus-mediated HDGF over-expression on the malignant behaviours and EMT molecules in MDA-MB-231 cells
path_3988_sm_supportinginformationsfs2.tif983KSupporting Information: Figure S2. Effect of exogenous HDGF on the malignant behaviours and EMT molecules of MCF-7 cells
path_3988_sm_supportinginformationsts1.doc49KSupporting Information: Table S1. Correlation between nuclear HDGF labelling index and clinicophathological parameters in patients with breast cancer
path_3988_sm_supportinginformationsts2.doc49KSupporting Information: Table S2. Univariate and multivariate analyses for overall survival rates of individual parameters in patients with breast cancer
path_3988_sm_supportinginformationstsm.doc37KSupporting Information: Supplementary methods
path_3988_sm_supportinginformations.doc35KSupporting Information: Legends to Figure S1 to Figure S2

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