path4197-sup-0001-Fig S1.tifTIFF image369KFigure S1. RPMVEC proliferation:Dose-response curve to CSE treatment.
path4197-sup-0002-Fig S2.tifTIFF image355KFigure S2. Soluble CD146 in the media of CSE exposed endothelial cells.
path4197-sup-0003-Fig S3.tifTIFF image4983KFigure S3. Immunofluorescent images of CD146 expression in RPMVEC.
path4197-sup-0004-Fig S4.tifTIFF image688KFigure S4. CD146 protein in nuclear fractions.
path4197-sup-0005-Fig S5.tifTIFF image847KFigure S5. Western blot analysis of the whole lung tissue lysates from CD146 KO and control mice.
path4197-sup-0006-Fig S6.tifTIFF image7507KFigure S6. Morphology of lung blood vessels from CD146 KO and control mice.
path4197-sup-0007-Table S1.docxWord 2007 document41KTable S1. Differential BALF cell counts.

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