path4199-sup-0001-Appendix S1.docWord document38KAppendix S1. Supplementary materials and methods
path4199-sup-0002-Figure S1.tifTIFF image2700KsiRNA knockdown of COX7A2 in OE19 cells. (A) Western blot analysis demonstrated significant reduction of COX7A2 expression after siRNA treatment. (B) Immunocytochemical staining confirmed reduced expression of COX7A2 after knockdown
path4199-sup-0003-Figure S2.tifTIFF image15882KProtein identification from cryosections. (A) Proteins were separated by SDS–PAGE, lanes were cut into 24 pieces (A–X), tryptic in-gel digestion was carried out and an LC–MS/MS run was performed per gel piece. (B) Sequence coverage of four identified mitochondrial proteins; all four were identified in the bands W and V, which corresponding to a mass range of 7–15 kDa
path4199-sup-0004-Table S1.docWord document23KInteraction coefficients of cell viability assay

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