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PBC_22236_sm_SuppLFig1.doc152KSupplementary Figure 1: Birth weight (gram) changes in relation to three HFE variants and TFRC S142G homozygosity in children and maternal positivity for HFE variants
PBC_22236_sm_SuppLFig2.doc102KSupplementary Figure 2: Linkage disequilibrium plot for HFE variants in newborns (Haploview)
PBC_22236_sm_SuppLFig3.doc90KSupplementary Figure 3: HFE haplotypes in newborns (Haploview)
PBC_22236_sm_SuppLFig4.doc28KSupplementary Figure 4: Birth weight change in comparison with the birth weight of children with HFE wild-type genotype a in males and females showing the interaction of birth weight change with sex.
PBC_22236_sm_SuppLFig5.doc166KSupplementary Figure 5: Cord blood iron levels in males according to their HFE/TFRC genotypes and maternal HFE status
PBC_22236_sm_SuppLTabI.doc44KSupplementary Table I: List of HFE-HAMP-TFRC variants analyzed
PBC_22236_sm_SuppLTabII.doc42KSupplementary Table II: List of genomic control loci analyzed
PBC_22236_sm_SuppLTabIII.doc34KSupplementary Table III: Individual HFE-HAMP-TFRC variants and birth weight (grams and 95% CI)

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