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pbc24761-sm-0001-SuppFig.tif65771KFigure 1. CT imaging from prior to treatment (left) and at most recent follow-up visit (right). A) Prominent pelvic lymph node (arrow), as well as soft tissue anasarca seen prior to initiating therapy; neither seen one year off therapy. B) Axillary lymphadenopathy (upper arrow) and right lower quadrant mesenteric lymphadenopathy (lower arrow) prior to initiating therapy; resolved one year off therapy. C) Inguinal lymphadenopathy (bilateral arrows); resolved one year off therapy. D) Bilateral anterior cervical lymphadenopathy (bilateral arrows); decreased in size one year off therapy. E) Bilateral anterior cervical lymphadenopathy (bilateral arrows), multiple levels; decreased in size one year off therapy.

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