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pbc24836-sm-0001-SuppTab-SI.docx45KTable I. Determinants of Total Antibiotics Wait-Time
pbc24836-sm-0002-SuppTab-SII.docx42KTable II. Demographics of Healthcare Providers (n=36)
pbc24836-sm-0003-SuppTab-SIII.docx49KTable III. Standard-of-Care Practices
pbc24836-sm-0004-SuppTab-SIV.docx44KTable IV. Survey of Healthcare Providers: Availability of Antibiotics and Associated Supplies
pbc24836-sm-0005-SuppTab-SV.docx44KTable V: Determinants of LOS
pbc24836-sm-0006-SuppTab-SVI.docx42KTable VI. Sub-analysis of ICU-Admissions of established vs. referred admissions

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