Genomic microarrays: a technology overview


  • Funding sources: The European Commission funded, in part, this research via a Marie Curie fellowship to P.D.B. (MEST CT2005 019707). This Q9 work was made possible by grants from the IWT (SBO-60848; TBM-090878), FWO-G.A093.11, KUL PFV/10/016 SymBioSys and GOA/12/015 to J.R.V.
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Genomic microarrays are now widely used diagnostically for the molecular karyotyping of patients with intellectual disability, congenital anomalies and autistic spectrum disorder and have more recently been applied for the detection of genomic imbalances in prenatal genetic diagnosis. We present an overview of the different arrays, protocols used and discuss methods of genomic array data analysis. © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.