Current controversies in prenatal diagnosis 2: should incidental findings arising from prenatal testing always be reported to patients?


  • All authors contributed equally.

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  • Conflicts of interest: Ignatia B. Van den Veyver is a member of the Baylor College of Medicine Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, which houses the diagnostic Medical Genetics Laboratories that offer various forms of genetic testing, including for prenatal diagnosis, on a fee for service basis, but she does not derive personal revenue from this activity.


What's already known about this topic?

  • Incidental findings can occur in many areas of diagnostic testing.
  • Incidental findings, including those of uncertain significance, have many complicated aspects or prenatal diagnosis and are not limited to genetic testing.
  • Whereas guidelines for which findings should be reported and how to report them are being developed in the pediatric and adult genetic testing, little to no guidance exists for prenatal diagnosis.

What does this study add?

  • We report two opinions on how to address incidental findings on the basis of a debate at the 17th annual conference of the International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis.