There is a trend in the utilization of psychotropics among elderly towards recommended drugs


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To analyse trends in sales of potentially inappropriate psychotropic substances (PIPS) in relation to drugs recommended by Drug and Therapeutics Committees (DTC drugs) among 75-year olds and among individuals born 1925 in Sweden.


Trends in sales of PIPS and DTC drugs among 75-year olds and among individuals born 1925 in Sweden during 2000–2008 were analysed with linear regression models. Sales were measured as defined daily doses per 1000 inhabitants and day. PIPS were defined according to a proposal from the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare. The selection of DTC drugs was based on a review of recommendations from local DTCs.


Among 75-year olds, PIPS sales decreased 38% and DTC drugs sales increased 31% from 2000 to 2008. The hypnotic PIPS decreased 45%, while the DTC hypnotics increased 36%. The total sales of PIPS to individuals born in 1925 decreased 12% from 2000 to 2008. The DTC drugs increased 115%. Sales of hypnotic PIPS decreased 12%, and the hypnotic DTC drugs increased 120%.


The findings indicate a trend towards the utilization of DTC drugs rather than PIPS. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.