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pds_2136_sm_t1.docWord document52KSupplementary Table 1. Higher level terms and preferred terms for special adverse events
pds_2136_sm_t2.docWord document61KSupplementary Table 2. Preferred terms used to identify neuropsychiatric adverse events
pds_2136_sm_t3.docWord document40KSupplementary Table 3. Preferred terms used to identify immunocompromised status
pds_2136_sm_t6.docWord document48KSupplementary Table 4. List of medications used to identify immunocompromised status
pds_2136_sm_t7.docWord document41KSupplementary Table 5. Confounding factors in patients exposed to oseltamivir who had fatal serious adverse events. Some patients had more than one confounding factor
pds_2136_sm_t8.docWord document35KSupplementary Table 6. Case descriptions of five patients with fatal adverse events where no confounding factors (see Supplementary Table 5) were present

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