Analysis of the nonisothermal melt and cold crystallization kinetics of poly(aryl ether ether ketone ketone) (PEEKK) was performed by using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The Avrami equation modified by Jeziorny could describe only the primary stage of nonisothermal crystallization of PEEKK. And, the Ozawa analysis, when applied to this polymer system, failed to describe its nonisothermal crystallization behavior. A new and convenient approach for the nonisothermal crystallization was proposed by combining the Avrami equation with the Ozawa equation. By evaluating the kinetic parameters in this approach, the crystallization behavior of PEEKK was analyzed. According to the Kissinger method, the activation energies were determined to be 189 and 328 kJ/mol for nonisothermal melt and cold crystallization, respectively.