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Dielectric and mechanical properties of natural nanofibers-reinforced ethylene propylene diene rubber: Carrot foliage and corn gluten



A study has been carried out to investigate the dielectric and mechanical properties of composites based on reinforcing carrot foliage (CF) and corn gluten meal (CGM) as by-products of food processing units into ethylene propylene diene rubber matrix. Transmission electron microscope micrographs indicate that both types of fillers are in the nanoscale. The permittivity ε′ and dielectric loss ε″ were measured in the frequency domain and at room temperature ∼ 25°C. The increase in ε′ and ε″ by increasing filler content is due to its reinforcing nature which was found to be more pronounced in case of CF than CGM. The mechanical properties are found to increase in the same manner. The values obtained for ε′ and ε″recommend such composites to be used in the electrical insulation purposes. The analysis of composite morphology indicated that at low concentration both types of fillers are fine distributed in the EPDM matrix, whereas at higher filler loading aggregation of filler is clearly appeared. The composites under investigation are found to be highly thermal aging resistant as both electrical and mechanical properties are slightly affected by such aging. POLYM. ENG. SCI., 2013. © 2012 Society of Plastics Engineers