• implicit measures;
  • projective tests;
  • personality types


The Pictorial Attitude Implicit Association Test (PA-IAT) has recently been proposed as new measure of implicit motives. We report a study that provides the first evidence for the convergent validity of the PA-IAT by showing that the PA-IAT correlates significantly with a standard measure of implicit motives [i.e. the Picture Story Exercise (PSE)]. Discriminant validity of the PA-IAT was verified in the sense that the PA-IAT shared virtually no common variance with explicit motive measures. Our analyses revealed that the PA-IAT and PSE can best be conceived as related but distinct measures. We further showed that the PA-IAT had incremental validity in predicting performance on a memory recall task over and above the PSE. In general, our results confirm that the PA-IAT is a valid measure of implicit motives and can serve as valid alternative to the PSE. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.