Facets of private and public self-consciousness: construct and discriminant validity



The construct and discriminant validity of proposed facets of private self-consciousness (Self-Reflectiveness and Internal State Awareness) and public self-consciousness (Style Consciousness and Appearance Consciousness) was examined in two studies. In study 1 an exploratory factor analysis of 367 subjects' responses to a translated version of the Self-Consciousness Scale (SCS) of Fenigstein, Scheir, and Buss confirmed the existence of two factors of private and public self-consciousness. Confirmatory factor analysis of 199 university students' responses to the SCS confirmed the results from study 1. A two-dimensional model of private and public self-consciousness respectively represented a significant improvement in fit to data over single-factor models. Further, the two facets of private and public self-consciousness were related differently to measures representing different aspects of adjustment/maladjustment. Copyright © 2002 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.