Circadian preferences and personality traits: A meta-analysis



In this study we report results of a meta-analysis of studies linking personality to circadian rhythms. A total of 35 independent samples, 96 correlations and 8589 participants were included. Results showed that conscientiousness is the personality dimension that mostly related to morningness (r = .29). Agreeableness was also related to morningness although to a lesser degree (r = .13). Openness to experience, extraversion and neuroticism, contribute to a very small degree (i.e. −.09, −.06 and −.07, respectively). Furthermore, moderation analyses suggested effects of personality measure (big five vs. other) and sample (students vs. workers). Average age of participants had no significant impact on the relationship between morningness and personality, apart from a very trivial influence on openness to experience. Copyright © 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.