A Sociocultural Approach to Narcissism: The Case of Modern China


Huajian Cai, Chinese Academy of Science, 4A Datun Road, Beijing, China, 100101.

Email: caihj@psych.ac.cn


Using large Internet samples, we examined the possible influence of sociodemographic factors on the Chinese self-concept and in particular, on the level of narcissism. We found that (i) younger persons are more narcissistic than older ones; (ii) persons from higher socioeconomic classes are more narcissistic than those from lower socioeconomic classes; (iii) persons from only-child families are more narcissistic than those from families with multiple children; (iv) persons from urban areas are more narcissistic than those from rural areas; and (v) individualistic values are predictive of individual differences in narcissism. The findings suggest that sociocultural changes contribute to the rise of narcissism in China. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.