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A Sociocultural Approach to Narcissism: The Case of Modern China


Huajian Cai, Chinese Academy of Science, 4A Datun Road, Beijing, China, 100101.



Using large Internet samples, we examined the possible influence of sociodemographic factors on the Chinese self-concept and in particular, on the level of narcissism. We found that (i) younger persons are more narcissistic than older ones; (ii) persons from higher socioeconomic classes are more narcissistic than those from lower socioeconomic classes; (iii) persons from only-child families are more narcissistic than those from families with multiple children; (iv) persons from urban areas are more narcissistic than those from rural areas; and (v) individualistic values are predictive of individual differences in narcissism. The findings suggest that sociocultural changes contribute to the rise of narcissism in China. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.