• candidemia;
  • candida ;
  • care bundle;
  • stewardship

Study Objective

To analyze the impact of a comprehensive care bundle directed by an antimicrobial stewardship team (AST) on the management of candidemia.


Single-center, quasi-experimental study.


A 930-bed academic hospital.


Seventy-eight patients with candidemia were evaluated; 41 patients received the candidemia care bundle (AST group), and 37 did not (historical control group).

Measurements and Main Results

A candidemia care bundle was developed by an interdisciplinary AST, incorporating key elements from the Infectious Diseases Society of America's Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Candidemia. The AST made prospective recommendations in accordance with the care bundle. Bundle elements were utilization of appropriate antifungal agents with appropriate duration of use, removal of intravenous catheters, repeat blood cultures, monitoring of time until clearance of candidemia, and performance of ophthalmologic examinations. Compliance with all candidemia care bundle elements was significantly higher in the AST group versus the control group (78.0% vs 40.5%, p=0.0016). Implementation of the care bundle significantly improved rates of ophthalmologic examination (97.6% vs 75.7%, p=0.0108), selection of appropriate antifungal therapy (100% vs 86.5%, p=0.0488), and compliance with an appropriate duration of therapy (97.6% vs 67.7%, p=0.0012). In addition, the AST group had fewer excess total days of therapy beyond the recommended duration than the control group (5 vs 83 total antifungal days). Length of hospitalization (20 vs 21 days, p=0.9184), time until clearance of candidemia (3 vs 3 days p=0.610), rate of persistent candidemia (22% vs 40.5%, p=0.126), and rate of recurrent candidemia (4.9% vs 5.4%, p=0.916) were similar in the AST group versus the control group.


A comprehensive candidemia care bundle directed by our institution's AST improved the management of patients with candidemia. We encourage further exploration into the use of care bundles by ASTs as part of their multifaceted approach to promoting appropriate antimicrobial utilization and optimizing the management of patients with infectious diseases.