Mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of multi-walled carbon nanotube/aluminium nitride/polyetherimide nanocomposites



A series of polyimide-based nanocomposites containing polyimide-grafted multi-walled carbon nanotubes (PI-g MWCNTs) and silane-modified ceramic (aluminium nitride (AlN)) were prepared. The mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of hybrid PI-g MWCNT/AlN/polyetherimide nanocomposites were investigated. After polyimide grafting modification, the PI-g MWCNTs showed good dispersion and wettability in the polyetherimide matrix and imparted excellent mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. The utilization of the hybrid filler was found to be effective in increasing the thermal conductivity of the composites due to the enhanced connectivity due to the high-aspect-ratio MWCNT filler. The use of spherical AlN filler and PI-g MWCNT filler resulted in composite materials with enhanced thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Results indicated that the hybrid PI-g MWCNT and AlN fillers incorporated into the polyetherimide matrix enhanced significantly the thermal stability, thermal conductivity and mechanical properties of the matrix. Copyright © 2012 Society of Chemical Industry