• coupler;
  • hydroxyl function;
  • polyurethanes;
  • polyesters


This mini review gives an overview of the synthesis of polyurethanes and polyesters with pendant hydroxyl groups performed mainly in our group. Significant for the synthesis of most of these polymers with hydroxyl-functional side groups is that no protection groups are needed. This is realised either by generating the OH group during polymer synthesis—demonstrated by the preparation of hydroxyl-functional polyurethanes from dicarbonate monomers and diamines—or by using catalysts which discriminate between primary and secondary OH groups—demonstrated by the synthesis of hydroxyl-functional polyesters based on malic acid using scandium triflate as catalyst. In addition, the potential of carbonate couplers for the synthesis of multifunctional polyurethane is presented. The application of such multifunctional polyurethanes as antimicrobial polymers and coatings is briefly discussed. Copyright © 2012 Society of Chemical Industry